What is an SR-22?

At United Auto Insurance, we know that being told you need an SR-22 can feel stressful, confusing and like you are the only one who needs this extra certificate. Luckily for you, we can help with all of those concerns – and you should know that needing an SR-22 is more common than you think. The most important thing to remember when you need an SR-22 is that this certificate should be taken seriously and you should be informed of all steps in the process. Let’s take a look at what you should do next and how United Auto Insurance can help you.

What Is An SR-22?

As defined by the Illinois Secretary of State, an SR-22 or Financial Responsibility Insurance is a certificate, generally ordered by a judge, required for individuals that have had multiple driving violations or issues and have had their license revoked or suspended. Essentially, an SR-22 is a way for the State of Illinois to monitor proof of liability insurance for certain drivers and to know if their coverage is cancelled or suspended. Remember, an SR-22 is not the same as having an insurance policy – you will need a policy in addition to having an SR-22.

What Type Of Drivers Need An SR-22?

Just because you are required to get an SR-22 does not mean you can’t come back from any sort of “bad standing” in your license. We’ll outline steps below of how to work through this process, but first here are some reasons you may need an SR-22:

  • License being suspended or revoked
  • Multiple traffic offenses
  • Safety responsibility suspensions (i.e. DUIs, DWIs, or serious moving violations)
  • License plates are expired
  • Three or more convictions for insurance violations in maintaining coverage

How Do I Get An SR-22?

Now that you understand why you may need an SR-22, here are the steps to obtain an SR-22 or a Financial Responsibility Insurance certificate. You’ll notice, you can’t file an SR-22 on your own and that’s why United Auto Insurance’s team is happy to help through this process.

  • Contact United Auto Insurance – We are an authorized insurance agency that can write you an SR-22 and submit to the Secretary of State. Also, we will make sure that you have an up to date insurance policy to go along with the SR-22. Get a free quote now.
  • Agent Submits the Request for SR-22 – Sent directly to the Illinois Secretary of State office and can take up to 30 days to process.
  • Receive a Copy of the SR-22 and Letter from Illinois Secretary of State – Now that you have your SR-22, be sure to keep that and your insurance policy with you at all times when driving.

How Long Do I Need an SR-22?

Depending on the state’s ruling, you may be required to maintain your SR-22 certificate from 1 to 3 years. When the SR-22 certificate or insurance needs to be renewed, you must contact your agent at United Auto Insurance at least 45 days before expiration.

What Happens If My SR-22 Is Cancelled?

If your insurance policy is cancelled, we are required to notify the Safety and Financial Responsibility Section. Your driving record will be suspended and can’t be reinstated until the insurance filing is up to date. Best piece of advice: do your best during the SR-22 period to make sure you don’t cancel your policy or let it lapse.

What Happens After The SR-22 Time Period?

After all SR-22 obligations are met, the SR-22 status will be removed. At that time, it will be important to revisit your insurance with United Auto Insurance and make sure that you continue to stay covered. Our team is committed to helping you keep your driver status intact and stay in good standing moving forward.

 As we said before, United Auto Insurance is here for you in the event that you need an SR-22 certificate and insurance policy. Bad things can happen to good people, so we know that having the right team on your side to help you clear up any mistakes is important. The best way to deal with an SR-22 requirement is to contact us sooner rather than later to avoid any higher risks and know that you are covered. For more information and to get started with United Auto Insurance on the SR-22 process, contact us to get a free quote today.