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If you are currently renting a home, condo, or apartment, it’s important to protect your personal property with Renters Insurance. United Auto Insurance is here to provide you with a Renters Insurance quote that fits within your budget.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover

Some people believe that if they don’t own the home they’re in, they don’t need insurance to cover their personal belongings. But the fact is, when you’re renting it’s really important to protect your stuff! Please know this: a thief doesn’t care if you rent or own, they’ll still want your 4K TV, jewelry or anything else that is valuable! Renters insurance will cover the costs if any of our personal belongings are stolen.

You might say, “Home is where my stuff is.”  It’s where you have most of the personal property important to you. Renters Insurance can help you protect it from damage or destruction from weather or a fire, or from theft as well. Renters policies cost less than you might think and are definitely worth it if you value your personal belongings. It’s also important to understand that your landlord’s coverage in most cases will not cover any damage or destruction to your personal property.

Renters Insurance Covers:

  • Personal property if stolen, damaged or destroyed
  • Losses due to theft or vandalism

We also offer renters insurance policies to cover:

  • Personal injuries that occur at your place
  • Renters Liability Insurance coverage for lawsuits/legal fees if you are sued
  • Living expenses if you need a place to stay

Affordable Renters Insurance

United Auto Insurance offers quality renters insurance at the best possible price.  Serving Chicagoland, Illinois, and Indiana, we’ll search for a renters insurance policy that will fit your budget and protect your personal property.

United Auto Insurance is a leader in renters insurance as we offer affordable renters insurance coverage that will give you peace of mind.

Renters Insurance Quotes

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