ILIVS Illinois Insurance Verification System | UAI Will Help You!

ILIVS means the State can verify your auto insurance, almost anytime, anywhere.

Simply put, your car insurance has to be active and verified with the State of Illinois. This impacts all Illinois car owners.

So, if you get a letter from ILIVS...Don’t worry, UAI can help!

Don’t go to an Illinois Driver Services Facility, get all the info and the help you need
just call UAI at 773-202-5000.

Here's What Our Customers Have To Say About UAI And The New IL Rules:
“I had to cancel 2 different policies with larger national insurance companies because they refused to comply with the new Illinois rules about the insurer has to go on the State of Illinois' website and enter the information about the insured driver. United Auto didn't have an issue and the agent went right to the site & took care of it when I was on the phone with her...just like that. No far so good!” 

-- Carl, Google Review

What is the ILIVS Illinois Insurance Verification System?

ILIVS is a new State program that aims to crack down on uninsured motorists by requiring all drivers to verify their insurance. The goal is to reduce the number of Illinois motorists driving while uninsured. This upgrade to the state’s mandatory insurance verification program began enforcement on July 1, 2021.

Auto insurance is the law in Illinois. If you don’t have it, the new Illinois Insurance Verification System will catch it. 

According to Secretary of State Jesse White, “The message is simple: if you don’t have auto insurance, get covered now. It is the law.”

Twice per year, the ILIVS will electronically verify insurance with all companies.

If you have an active insurance policy, you don’t have to do anything.

If your vehicle does not show valid insurance, you will receive a letter from the Secretary of State giving you the opportunity to prove you have insurance. Do not visit an Illinois Driver Services Facility.

That’s when you call United Auto Insurance to help at 773-202-5000.

If your insurance is not valid, or you do not have insurance, UAI will get you insured with top quality insurance that fits your budget. With the specific reference number from the Secretary of State letter, UAI will log on to the ILIVS with you and verify your insurance.

Possible License Plate Suspensions and Fines

Beginning July 1, 2021, vehicle owners who are unable to prove insurance will face a license plate suspension and $100 reinstatement fee. Repeat offenders can face larger fines and extended suspensions. If you are caught driving without insurance:

Find out what Electronic Verification of Auto Insurance means to you, click here:

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