Electronic Verification Of Insurance Is Now Here In Illinois

Electronic Verification is a New Illinois Law 

It means the State can verify your auto insurance, almost anytime, anywhere.
Simply put, your car insurance has to be active and verified with the State of Illinois.

This impacts all Illinois car owners. Don’t worry, UAI can help. 

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Here's What Our Customers Have To Say About UAI And The New IL Rules:
“I had to cancel 2 different policies with larger national insurance companies because they refused to comply with the new Illinois rules about the insurer has to go on the State of Illinois' website and enter the information about the insured driver. United Auto didn't have an issue and the agent went right to the site & took care of it when I was on the phone with her...just like that. No hassles...so far so good!” 

-- Carl, Google Review

Find out what Electronic Verification of Auto Insurance means to you, click here: 



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