Safe Winter Driving Tips

congested traffic on a snowy chicago day

You know what they say, “There’s two seasons in Chicago – winter and construction.” Chicagoans prepare for the winter by breaking out their warmest coats, boots and gear. One thing to always remember is that roads during Chicago winters are much more difficult to navigate. When you are preparing for the winter, you should always remember to prepare for winter driving as well. The city may salt the roads, but you should take more measures to be prepared for driving this winter.

United Auto Insurance knows that accidents in the winter can come at more unpredictable times with the road conditions constantly changing. Take some time to learn about how you can stay safe and be prepared for driving through even the harshest of Chicago winters.

Keep Up with Your Car Maintenance

Driving in the winter months will take a greater toll on your car with the wind, snow, storms and other severe weather. Checking the tires is a great starting point for preventing unnecessary damage in the winter. Even if you don’t switch to snow tires, everyone should have at least all-season tires that have been inspected recently. When you are getting your tires checked, make sure that your standard maintenance routines are up to date on your car as well. Also, consider investing in winter wiper blades that will keep the windshield cleaner and your view of the snowy roads fee.

Stock Your Car with the Right Supplies

Winter driving in Chicago could lead to some circumstances that require winter specific tools and supplies. Snow and ice can prevent a driver from seeing the road clearly out of the wind shield. Every car should be equipped with an ice scraper in their trunk or glove compartment in order to properly clear any winter weather from their windows.

And as the temperatures drop to freezing and below, every driver should keep a blanket on hand just in case of emergency. With such cold days ahead, making sure that you stay warm on the road will be crucial, especially if the heat gives out. Other items for emergency preparedness in the snowy Chicago weather include a shovel, a bag of salt, a properly inflated spare tire, a jack, jumper cables and a flashlight.

Practice Makes Perfect in Winter Driving

Whether you are a new driver or just new to the snowy road conditions in Chicago winters, the best way to stay safe on the road this winter is to be comfortable driving. Starting out driving in heavy traffic situations when the roads are icy and slick can be overwhelming. Drivers should stay alert and take caution when driving at all times, but especially in the winter months. Spinning out can occur with even the most experienced drivers. Stay slow on the turns and be mindful of the road conditions.

Stay Calm, Careful and Considerate on The Winter Roads

Drivers in the Chicago area are willing to brave the bitter cold winters and continue exploring the best the city has to offer. Whenever you are ready to take a trip in your car this winter, remember to stay alert and consider all other drivers on the road. We all want to commute and travel safely, even in the worst weather conditions.

United Auto Insurance is proud to serve Chicago and the surrounding areas in the winter (and all year round!) with all car insurance needs. Contact us today and talk with one of our friendly team members and get a free quote and to learn more about how you can stay covered and protected in all weather.